What Does It Cost?


There are no start-up, fixed monthly or annual fees; you pay only for what you the reports. Additionally, there is no charge to view Hot Link current postings. We have priced our reports to be less than the out-of-pocket costs associated with conventional credit checking (phone/fax/mail).

The standard credit report contains all of the information supplied by our members for a particular account. Additionally, any Hot Link postings that have been made for the account are also included with the report. For full (data-sharing) members the reports start at $7.75 and the price decreases as monthly volume increases as follows:

Monthly Quantity
Cost Per Report
201 +

There will be no additional charge for HOT LINK at this time in hope that more of you will participate and make this an even more important information resource.



Companies that are not able to share credit info can join CREDIT LINK as Associate members. Call (843) 689-6200 for more info.

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