How/where to submit

Prior to being available on CREDIT LINK, your data will go through a comprehensive verification process. During this time you will be asked to select a “cap” for monetary fields and you can choose to block, or limit, access to your data by individual members. Only after this process is complete, and you have approved your report for form and content, will your data then be transferred to our “live” network.

All information is provided electronically. All records should be the same length and cannot exceed 1024 bytes. It is preferable that records end with delimiters, (such as hex 0c, hex 0d), fields are fixed in length and that numeric fields are not packed. We can work with virtually any operating system though it is preferred that all files be provided on the following:

  1. 3-1/2" inch diskettes.
  2. By email to:

If you can not comply with the above, please call our technical support group at 609/750-9881 to arrange for an alternate method of data retrieval.

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