Many trade industries have large, ever-changing and unique customer bases for which there is no easily accessible and current source of credit information.

CREDIT LINK was created by industry professionals to meet this need by using state-of-the art information processing designed specifically for such market segments.

CREDIT LINK provides all of the tools necessary to respond to your customers' credit requests at a fraction of the cost of conventional credit checking. CREDIT LINK makes it possible for you to check references, establish terms of sale and send a confirmation letter to your customer in minutes. Additionally, you will be able to significantly reduce the time and expense involved in responding to credit reference requests from other companies. By reducing clerical functions you will be able to spend more time serving customers and supporting sales.

CREDIT LINK is a central computer data base of all pertinent credit information supplied by our members, updated on a monthly basis. All data is transferred electronically and we can work with most systems from personal computers to mainframes.

An important aspect of CREDIT LINK is that we do not own your data we manage it. You supply us with specific customer credit information and we compile it into our system. We verify the data, check calculations and combine the information into our data base.

As a member you connect using the internet (we provide the training) or fax your requests. You can look up the customer in a variety of ways and view/print the credit report.

You can tailor our service to meet the specific needs of your company, industry, or credit association. You can choose what information to share and with whom to share it. You can create your own custom confirmation letters, print bank and non-member credit requests and much more! Our in-house programming staff can customize the service to meet the needs of your company or group.


Members submit their customer credit data files on a monthly basis. With almost all current software packages creating and transmitting a credit data file should not be a time consuming process. Additionally, our technical staff is available to assist you in establishing data submittal.

Members pay no fixed or annual fees and their per report cost is one half of that of associate members. A full member can also participate in Payment Detail Reporting at no cost. They have the added savings of significantly reducing or eliminating the need to respond to other companies credit reference requests.

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